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XXXIII Royalty

Captain of the Krewe of Gemini

Captain Photo.jpg

Captain Gemini XXXIII Jamey Purdy

King and Queen of the Krewe of Gemini

Patrick Gallagher.jpg

King Gemini XXXIII,

Patrick Gallagher

Mary Gallagher.jpg

Queen Gemini XXXIII,

Mary Gallagher

Dukes and Duchesses of the Krewe of Gemini

Reno Arnold.jpg

Duke of Arkansas Gemini XXXIII,

Reno Arnold

Cathy Zahn.jpg

Duchess of Louisiana Gemini XXXIII, Cathy Zahn

Ramee Dickerson.jpg

Duchess of Arkansas Gemini XXXIII, Ramee Dickerson

Sam Cooksey Retouched.JPG

Duke of Texas Gemini XXXIII,

Sam Cooksey

Robert Zahn.jpg

Duke of Louisiana Gemini XXXIII, Robert Zahn

Anita Seggelink_edited.jpg

Duchess of Texas Gemini XXXIII,

Anita Seggelink

Prince and Princesses of the Krewe of Gemini

Noah Matlock.jpg

Prince Gemini XXXIII, Noah Matlock

Anna Claire Creswell.jpg

Princess Gemini XXXIII, Anna Claire Criswell

Hannah Matlock.jpg

Princess Gemini XXXIII, Hannah Matlock

Kinsley Peyton.jpg

Princess Gemini XXXIII, Kinsley Peyton

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