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Princess Gemini XXXIII,

Kinsley Peyton

Kinsley is the granddaughter of Keith and Karen McDonald who served as Duke and Duchess of Arkansas XXVIII.  Her godmother is Karen Murphy, Queen XXVIII.  She is excited to serve as Princess this year with her cousins, Hannah and Noah Matlock.

Kinsley is a Sophomore at Captain Shreve High School.  Her Freshman year, she attended C. E. Byrd High School where she participated in Pep Squad.  She has previously spent four years on competitive cheer squads and three years doing competitive gymnastics.  She aspires to be a high school cheerleader in the future.

In her spare time, Kinsley enjoys traveling, shopping, spending time with her friends, and babysitting.  Kinsley rode in Gemini Parade XXVIII.  Kinsley's family is looking forward to the upcoming Mardi Gras season.