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Princess Gemini XXXIV,

Elizabeth Ashlyn "Ellie" Schmidt

Princess Elizabeth Ashlyn “Ellie” Schmidt is the daughter of Susan Kemp, Duchess of Texas XXX, and step-daughter of  Mike Goslin, Duke of Texas XXX.  She has been a Gemini youth float rider for 8 years.  


Ellie is a Senior at Captain Shreve High School and is active in the National Honor Society, National Art Honor Society, and the Captain Shreve Tennis Team.  She has been on the Straight A honor roll since starting high school.


Ellie has been active in her community through Girl Scouts for the past 13 years.  Recently, she completed her Sky Ranch Christian Camp Sigma mission trip project in the mountains of Colorado.  Ellie enjoys reading, playing tennis, and spending time with her friends. 


She is currently a team member at Chic-fil-A and planning to pursue a career in Graphic Design and Marketing at the University of Louisiana in Lafayette following graduation. 

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