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King Gemini XXXI, Gene Corley

Gene Corley has been a member of the Krewe of Gemini for 13 years. He has been on the Finance committee, served on the Board of Directors, Float Lieutenant, Duke of Texas for Gemini XXIV. He also served as a Consort (Gopher) for the Duchess of Texas XXI and Queen XXVII, Mrs. Debbie Garrison.  He also was the recipient of the David Michels Captain’s Award along with Debbie Garrison for Gemini XXIV.

Gene resides in Minden, Louisiana where he works for the Tax Accessor’s Office. When Gene “the welder” is not working at the den on a float project or helping in the Museum, he loves to hunt and fish. Of course, he also loves a “Vacation” or two.  He is the proud Father of two children and six grandchildren.  Gene is honored and excited to serve as King XXXI for the Krewe of Gemini.

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